The Features You Should Look For In Flexographic Printing Storage

Printing is the art of mass reproduction of either words or images on the material using a master form or template and is often done on a large-scale industrial process.

Flexography printing is a modern form of letterpress printing that utilizes a flexible relief plate to print on almost any type of item, including paper, plastic materials, metallic films, and cellophane. To reap from flexography printing and maximum functionality, you should heavily invest in modern Flexographic storage solutions.

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Flexographic Storage Solutions

Flexographic storage solutions are a unique new type of storage system on the market that consists of a panel system that is perfect for storing goods and services and can be assembled on-site. It is the new trend in storage solutions and is used to store flexographic printing material like plates and sleeves safely.

Organizations that incorporate the best flexographic storage solutions enjoy a lot of benefits as compared to those still using traditional methods. These benefits include

1. Durable Storage Units That Are Durable And Resistant To Corrosion

The use of scratch-resistant, non-corrosive steel while building stands and sheet metal ensures that the built structure offers robust, rugged, and corrosion-resistant shelves for storing sleeves and plates used in printing. Also, the shelves can last for years and can resist rust and deterioration.

2. Save On Costs

Modern storage systems are built using the highest quality storage systems, which prevent the sleeves from any damage. This eliminates the cost incurred during regular maintenance or replacements of damaged sleeves.

3. Saves On Space

The vertical storage method that the modern method of storage adapts ensures equal distances stands are placed on equal distances from one another allowing just the right amount of space to store the sleeve plate but without wasting too much space in between.

4. Print On A Wide Range Of Surfaces

This reduces the cost required to own and operate other machines as they can be used to print over a lot of surfaces like foil, paper, or recycled machines.

5. Protection Of Goods

Sleeves and plates are secure from being damaged from much disturbance while they are being moved as the stands are fitted with rollers. They are also protected from getting wet as the flexo storage units are kept damp and cold-free by keeping the moisture in the unit as low as possible.

6. Expandable

Because of their simple and easy to assemble structures, companies that have adopted flexo storage can easily adjust their spaces to allow for expansion. Also, it helps in minimizing the cost of relocation in case a company has to.

7. Easy Maintenance

The structure used to construct the stands are built from stainless and non-corrosive materials, which require little or no maintenance as they can last for a long time. If they are to be maintained, it becomes easy because the stands are fitted with rollers which make for ease of movement. This cuts down on time and cost incurred during the maintenance.

8. Secureness

Printing sleeves and plates are expensive to purchase, and an organization or person is at ease because flexo storage has been fitted with CCTV and locks. This ensures the printing material is safe from theft and vandalism from either employees or non-employees.

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