Finally! A Remote Control That Finds Itself

How many times have you lost the remote control in your house?  A lot, right?  I see it on Twitter all the time.  People send tweets that read something like, “If I were a remote control, where would I be?”  Of course, it’s always funny to read where they end up finding it.  It’s usually in a strange place like the freezer or a random pillowcase.

In my house, since my son and I watch very little TV, it’s usually the Wii remotes that get lost, and they get lost all the time!  We find them under the couch cushions, under stacks of schoolbooks, and in the dog’s bed. One time it was in an empty Pringles can (boys will be boys I guess).

If you would like a solution to save all that wasted time and energy you spend looking for the remote, I’ve got one for you.  This remote control from Motorola prides itself on being rechargeable so it saves batteries, which is really nice; however, it’s the add-on feature that I like best.  There is a “Find Remote” feature which when activated, allows the base station to connect to your missing remote control.  Then, your lost friend will start flashing and making noise.  It sounds so easy you might even be able to find it without getting off the couch. Nice! You can learn more about this remote control on the Motorola website.

Motorola remote control finds remote

Remote Control Finds Itself

This Remote Finds Itself!

Via: [Incredible Things]