000webhost – Finding The Best Web Hosting Solution For You [Review]

Working on a free website builder can save quite a lot of your investment from being wasted. It is vitally important to have a personal website for small business owners and professionals to grow in this competitive world. 000webhost is not only a free website builder it offers free hosting as well. What are the odds if you can construct, design and publish a website all by yourself, while at the same time have databases and not have to pay for them. The best part about this is you don’t have to be software professional to know how to begin; the steps are simple enough for anybody to be able to do the job. You also are guided step by step and walked through the process in case you need help.

Why Choose 000webhost?

000webhost is one of the best free website builders that offers you Zyro and WordPress powered free website builders. In case you’ve not heard of Zyro and WordPress, these are companies that provide websites with a software that customers can use for building a website easily. All you have to know is how to operate the basics software on a computer. There are hundreds of free templates, themes, widgets and more that require nothing more than your dedication to building a professionally designed website.

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You must have noticed chat options, email subscribing options, newsletter and notification options, and other such functions on professional websites. Well, the good news is, you can have all of these put on yours too with free WordPress hosting.

If you’re wondering about domain hosting, you do not need to worry. 000webhost offers you free hosting, free domain and sub-domain service. You also are given easiest to used cPanel access, drag-and-drop options, editing and adding images and videos options and install scripts too.

000webhost Has The Most Attractive Free Tools And Services

The Auto installer: With a single click, you can install more than 50 scripts with 000webhost. This service mostly cost money with other websites, but with free WordPress hosting, you get the auto installer absolutely free.

  • You will be able to take advantage of Google Adsense and integrate it with your website.
  • You’re also allowed to integrate social media like Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Pinterest and others with the site.
  • Google Analytics also comes free for you. Analytics is extremely important if you want to keep a track of your business and want to see it grow from root level.
  • On your contact page, you can add the Google Maps section so that people can locate your office if you want them to.

What are the Main Features of 000webhost?

Apart from all the great tools we discussed, this free website builder has several other surprisingly great features to offer you.

  1. The Free and Responsive Templates – With free hosting come hundreds of free professionally designed templates. No matter what your niche, there would be several templates matching with that for you. You might also wonder if the quality of free templates would be poor, but that’s not the case. High-quality templates meeting SEO and SMO requirements are offered to you.

The responsiveness of the templates is effective on mobile devices as much as they are on computers. The designs are made in such a way that the website receives high traffic in lesser time. In comparison to the lesser responsive website, the free website builder would help your site rank higher on Google.

  1. The Ease and Speedy SEO Website Building Experience – It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s the best. As mentioned earlier, the drag-and-drop option makes things really convenient and expeditious. Most importantly you need not learn to code for this. The website is optimized for search engines. You will be allowed to edit the metadata and the whole website as and when you wish to. Setting up menus, editing the page titles, descriptions, etc. is as easy as it gets.

The changes you make are instantaneous. You don’t have to wait even for a minute for the changes to be published. Whenever you edit the website, it is advisable for you to optimize it to be friendly to search engines with keywords matching search terms, so that it ranks high and you get more traffic.

  1. Database Support with Unlimited Space and Bandwidth – Even though 000webhost offers free WordPress hosting it supports PHP, easy cPanel, Curl, Zend, XML, GD2, fopen, loncube, PHP sockets, MySQL and many more such databases without any restrictions.

With the free hosting, you also get unlimited disk space and strong bandwidth. You will not find any other free website builder offering you such a large storage space. Every account with this website gets this facility. The links are unmetered and they connect to the servers without any interruptions. When you take the free WordPress hosting package, it comes with free 10,000MB bandwidth and 1,000MB disk space.

  1. The Amazing Referral Program – The referral program is one of the best with 000webhost. If you’re a fan of affiliate marketing programs, you can make money by doing business with this free website builder. Once you have completed few simple steps, you can start earning a lot of income. The steps would involve sharing the link to 000webhost on social media websites, forums and on your personal website. The amount offered to you starts from $5 to $100 for referring it to $100 users.

There are three different pricing and packages on the website. Free hosting, premium silver hosting, and business gold hosting. Under the free WordPress hosting you get to build 2 websites, free website builder, 5 email forwarders, 2MySQL databases, 10,000MB Bandwidth, 1,000MB disk space and many other features that is more than enough for a professional, a start-up or a small business.

To conclude, if you need a website with consistent performance, additional security, high SEO ranking, and great features 000webhost.com is the completely free web hosting solution for you. So waste no more of your precious time and visit the website to start building your website today.

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