Finder: RFID Locator Finds Your Misplaced Keys

Don’t you just hate it when you are in a hurry, and you can’t find your keys or your mobile phone? Usually right then it’s even impossible to remember where you might have put them since you are in such a hurry and stress keeps your brain from functioning properly. I remember the “whistler” when I was a kid. It was a little device that you put on your key chain that beeped when you whistled. It was a great little gadget, and it must be up there with innovative things such as the Clapper for example. However, when the batteries where drained, you just cursed it as much as you cursed your keys being gone, am I right?

Soon hopefully those days are all gone thanks to innovators and concept designers such as Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin and Yonghua Zhang. Even though their idea is similar to the ideas that were thrown around back in the ’80s, this one makes so much more sense now that there are smartphones pretty much in everyone’s hand. To explain this two part device called “Finder” in a simple way would be to say that it is a simple locator for things gone missing.

An RFID chip is installed into your gadgets or the things you want to keep track of, and once you misplace them, you are able to find exactly where they are with the help of your smartphone. It will display how far the gadget or item is from you and in what direction. All you have to do is to follow the direction (which I guess updates as you walk), and eventually you will find your misplaced items. It couldn’t get more easy to use, and I personally can’t wait for this to come around. So far it is just on a concept idea, but I think with a bit of funding and dedication, this could really become a huge thing. We would all save so much time if we could immediately locate our things when we’re in a hurry, right? Brilliant!

Finder Item And Gadget Locator

Finder Item And Gadget Locator

Via: [Yanko Design]