Fingerist: The Only Real Way To Play Guitar On Your iPhone

I sometimes wish I remembered what the first app was called that was granted access into the App Store. When the iPhone was first released, there were of course not many apps in the store, but that all changed, and quickly I might add. Even though it wasn’t the first app, there was an app that made everyone aware of the iPhone’s capabilities and the ultimate uses of the touch screen it had. It was the guitar app. It enabled you to play simple chords on a six-stringed guitar directly on the iPhone itself. It was one of the coolest things I had seen in quite a while when I saw it for the first time.

However, those days of wonder are long gone, and it’s time for something new and fresh. That freshness is brought to us by Simplism through the Amazon online store. The über cool creation of “Fingerist” takes us on yet another journey towards what’s ultimately able to be created on or for the iPhone itself. This time you can rock out for real with a semi-real guitar at your disposal.

You will no longer have any use for Guitar Hero or that lame Wii guitar that you so gracefully rocked out to your favorite tracks on. Instead, play your favorite riffs the “you” way. After all, what other way is there really? The guitar and case will become yours if you are ready to deliver a bag of $149.95 to the dealer. It’s certainly a low price for one of the year’s coolest rocker accessories. Now you can let the world know you’re an iPhone rocker to be reckoned with.