World’s First Fully Interactive Glow Shirt Uses Mini UV Light & Laser

Since light photography and wearable tech are both very trendy right now, I have no doubt this glow shirt will be successful and inspire other techy, geeky fashion designers to take this concept to the next level. This is the world’s first fully interactive glow shirt, and it’s basically just that – a shirt you can draw on, while you’re wearing it, and the lines you draw will glow in the dark.

The way this works is by using a special UV keychain light and UV laser. And this is where this glow shirt gets fun – since it’s a laser, you can stand up to 40ft away from the shirt and still draw on it. There have been other shirts created like this in the past, but they weren’t fully interactive meaning you could only draw on a very specific section of the shirt. This shirt is different since the entire thing is interactive and you can draw on any part of the shirt.

I can see so many applications for this glow shirt. It would make for a fun paintball game without the mess, you could find someone at a party with it, you could glow at a concert, the list goes on and on. Once you draw on the glow shirt with the laser, the glow itself will last for about 15 minutes. Like most glowy type things, the glow is strong at first, and then after a few minutes it starts to fade. And, yes, this shirt will still work after you wash it.

Pretty neat, right? You can see it in action in the video below. Interactive t-shirts have come a long way in the past couple years, and this glow shirt is a testament to that. I look at some of the interactive fashions we wrote about a few years ago, and it makes me giggle that we thought that stuff was innovative back then. I guess at the time, it was. You can pick up one of these shirts (which comes with the laser) on Glow Threads for $25.

World’s First Fully Interactive Glow Shirt




Via: [Design Swan]