First Look | iPhone 4G Preview?

Apple is hard at work on…well…something. We all know that., right? Sources say they are working on either a new generation iPhones or a tablet. But the question is really, if it is the iPhone 4G, which have been reported that Apple is currently trying out on Verizon’s new 4G network they are developing, what features will it sport? There is at this time no facts about Apple having struck a deal with Verizon but sources say they are truly working on adapting the new and improved iPhone 4G for specifically their network.

So, what will the new iPhone 4G look like? What features will it have and when will it be released? I guess there is no way of knowing and with the insane secrecy Apple always applies when they are about to hit the market with something entirely new and “revolutionary” I guess we can’t but wait to see what they say and reveal at the next Keynote.

Or wait…is that really true? There must be some way of knowing what the new iPhone 4G will look like and what it’s capable of doing…right? It so happens I have found a video of what seems to be a preliminary promotion video of the new iPhone 4G. That’s right! Isn’t that insane!!!

Hm, wait… If you ask me I’d think this one is as fake as any other video, picture or facts said to have been obtained from Apple’s highly secured R&D bunker. Or what do you think?

iPhone 4G | Promotional Video

New iPhone 4G Preview

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