Flash On iPhone: Here’s The Proof Steve Jobs Is Wrong

There has been a lot of media coverage about whether or not the iPhone and iPad should ever use Flash. Steve Jobs has publicly announced that the iPhone and the iPad are never going to support it due to it being slow and taking up a lot of memory from the limited resources in these two devices. The claims have been quite harsh and the Adobe camp has responded by saying that Steve Jobs is only trying to monopolize the market with Apple products instead of making them multi-platform. This is an equally as harsh claim.

Well, this shouldn’t be so hard to find out and someone actually did. A French guy decided to put Flash and HTML 5 up against each other and his results were staggering to say the least. Steve Jobs’ claims don’t match up, unless they have tested some OS that is not available today. The video proof that this guy shares on YouTube shatters HTML 5 and leaves no doubt about why the iPhone should really go with Flash instead.

I wonder if Steve Jobs, who is usually a very strategic person, ever thought about the fact that this wasn’t something that was very hard to check. Also, didn’t he think that people might want to see for themselves whether they want to use Flash or HTML 5? In Steve Jobs self-serving rant of a “Public Letter” he neglected to mention the terrible performance deficit of HTML 5 compared to the highly compatible and hardware accelerated Flash. Now you can be the judge and decide if Apple should allow flash on their devices. With this proof in hand I vote for yes! PS: Don’t mind the French guys heavy accent.