Flashback | CG Animations back in 1990

I was one of the fortunate ones to actually have a couple of buddies when I was younger that got themselves the awesome and powerful new computer Amiga 500 when they first came out. They were super expensive at that time and we used to play with these machines in order to see what their limits were. At the time we thought the graphics they packed was nothing short of amazing and there was a few programs that really showed its potential. As said, at the time they were the top of the line personal computers however looking back at them now is quite funny. How serious everything was and how they actually made simple programs sound like huge corporate building software’s that truly would make you wield the power of the huge animation studios for example.

There was for example a software released back in 1990 that was called “Disney Animation Studio” that was supposed to give you the power to create mind blowing animations just like the ones Disney released prior and at the time. When I first saw it I was mesmerized by the shear power of the application and of course, like everyone else, I wanted to become an animator when I saw it. I fiddled with the software for about a month or so and…well…that was pretty much it. As you might have guessed I didn’t become an animator. However, it taught me the basics of computer generated graphics and looking back at it today I would say it had a huge part of the choice of careers I have traveled.

Without further due here is a little time travel back to the 1990’s when Sam Palahnuk, Disney software engineer, demos the Disney Animation Studio software. Isn’t it awesome! How far we have come since then!

Disney Animation Studio – 1990 Demo