Flexible Smartphone Batteries To Fit In Flexible Smartphones

As we all know, one of the biggest changes we will probably see this year when it comes to smartphones is the introduction of flexible smartphones. Ever since Samsung’s impressive presentation at CES 2013, it seems they’ve been in the news nonstop. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a smartphone that I could roll up like a piece of paper and stuff in my pocket. We won’t have to worry if it drops on the ground. However, those flexible smartphones will need flexible smartphone batteries.

We are all familiar with what smartphone batteries look like now. They look like…batteries. How could a battery like that be compatible with a sleek, flexible smartphone? It wouldn’t of course. There is currently a team of Korean researchers who are getting very close to realizing an innovative flexible battery.

As it turns out, their flexible smartphone batteries may perform much better than the traditional batteries we are used to using. According to one of the researchers, “Because the new battery uses flexible but solid materials, and not liquids, it can be expected to show a much higher level of stability than conventional rechargeable batteries.” So now, in addition to trying to imagine using flexible smartphones, we can also imagine the flexible smartphone batteries inside them.

To me, batteries represent a small, hard, cold solid. Twisting and bending a battery seems almost like science fiction, but this is definitely real life. If you would like to read more about this, you can click over to MIT Technology Review. Just think, our kids won’t remember rotary phones with cords as being retro. Instead, they’ll think of the hard, inflexible smartphones of today with inefficient smartphone batteries as retro. Nuts!

Flexible Smartphone Batteries Will Fit In Our Flexible Smartphones