USB Rechargeable Batteries Could Be The Greatest Invention Yet

If it wasn’t for batteries, almost none of our gadgets would work. I recently wrote about the emergency flashlight that you could cram any size batteries into, and it would still work. It’s a genius invention, but what happens if all of your batteries are out? Rechargeable batteries are good and all, but you usually have to buy a special kind of battery charger to recharge them. There are just too many steps in that process, don’t you agree? What we need is an ultimate solution that will enable us to recharge our batteries whenever and wherever we are. Believe me when I say that when I saw these new USB rechargeable batteries from Moixa, my jaw dropped. It’s a simple solution, I have to agree with that, but a genius one nonetheless.

If these have been available for a long time, they have magically been avoiding my technology radar because I have not known of them until now. They are called USBCell batteries, and they are USB rechargeable batteries that you will be able to use over and over again without them ever running out. They would be perfect when you’re out and about and your batteries for that Geiger meter of yours run out for example. Just bust out your laptop and start charging the batteries, and you will be up and running again in a jiffy.

These USB rechargeable batteries (AA, 9V and mobile batteries) are made available by Amazon (among others) and sell for $32.95. They come in packs of 4 (the AA ones) and should last you as long as regular AA batteries would. These would be the ultimate accessory to have when you’re out working in the field where your laptop or mobile charger are the only available power sources. Moixa’s own opinion is that thanks to their own USB rechargeable batteries, the world just changed. I am prepared to agree, but I need to try some of these out before I will start cheering for this impressive invention. I will say this much, these batteries would be impressively compact and useful in any off-the-grid situation.

Moixa’s USB Rechargeable Batteries