Flexiphone: Setting The Style Of Tomorrow?

By now, there should be enough ideas for future cell phones to last for decades.  Many of the phones presented as concepts also incorporate technologies that are not yet present.  These technologies will further increase the number of ideas for developers and industrial designers to shake into a brand new idea for a cell phone.  I am quite sure that the cell phones we see today won’t even be comparable to the ones 4-5 years from now.  I think the gap will be as great as comparing the cell phones of today with the first brick cell phones that had a suitcase to accompany them with the battery and the receiver.  Tomorrow’s cell phones will have the same differences if any of what we’ve seen in concept designs become realities.

The Flexiphone from designer Philip Pearce is a concept phone that rivals every crazy idea you have ever had about a cell phone.  The core idea is to incorporate an organic battery designed by NEC and work the phone around that.  The battery is capable of being speed charged, which will certainly solve a lot of the problems that we see with cell phones today.

The outer shell of the phone is created by using a graphene touch screen material that, in theory, is indestructible.  Because of it’s high capability for being able to withstand heavy duty busting, it is also waterproof.  This will make it a fun gadget to take to the beach since you will be able to take underwater pictures whenever you feel like it.  The concept of this phone is wonderful and intriguing, but the technology for it is far away from being realized.  Then again, the Star Wars stuff wasn’t exactly feasible at the time of the release of the movies either, but look where we are today! #Just Saying

Flexible Cell Phone Concept Idea

Different Viewing Angles Of Flexiphone

Bending Flexibility Cell Phone Concept

Flexiphone Closeup View Concept Idea

Rear Angle View Of FlexiphoneScreen Closeup View Flexiphone Concept

Via: [Dvice]