Flutter In Pinhole: Share Your Pinhole Camera Pictures Instantly!

As we continue to share more and more about our every day, both online and offline, there is an increasing need for new things that enable that opportunity. Digital cameras took the world by storm, and we’re sharing billions of pictures on the Internet each year. Sometimes I wonder if Facebook is about to become the largest photo gallery in the world, if it isn’t already. The more pictures we upload to the Internet, the faster we will have a complete and interactive 3D environment no matter where you look on a map. That’s the reason why I think this new Pinhole Camera idea from Yoo Geun-hyuk and Yoon Bo-jung is so brutally interesting.

It’s a pinhole camera that lets you snap a picture and instantly, with just a cut from a scissor, you’re able to send it as a post card to whoever you want to. It’s a perfect way to stay in touch with your friends and family during your trips around the world. Share a split moment in an instant, and do it with a physical object.

The simplicity of this camera is enough to have me hooked, and I am thinking about trying this out during 2011. The fact that it’s instantly giving me two postcards after just taking one picture is even more inspirational. I have always loved the style of pinhole cameras, and this thing shows me there is creativity to last for lifetimes still in people’s expressions. Snapping, sharing and enjoying a picture has never been easier.

Source: [KillahBeez]