For All Geeks | Space Invaders Clock Complete with Hack

What is it about Space Invaders that we love so much? Even though I also used the money I made from babysitting to play Pac Man and Galaga back in the 80s, they were never as special as Space Invaders.

There are apparently a lot of other people that feel the same way as I do about it. Even Richard has written a few articles about Space Invaders, you can check them out here: Space Invaders | In Real Life! and The Game Is On | Heat Changing Arcade Coffee Mugs

Fast forward to now – Modder Dataman, known for being a tinkerer, recently built this beautiful Space Invaders clock below using the same technology as this Adafruit pong clock which came out in 2005. The firmware is updated, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

As if having this Space Invaders clock wasn’t geeky enough, you’ll be happy to know that it is hackable so you can change it out to make different games. For a true geek, I can’t think of a more fun weekend project! This is something I would like to take on myself, it sounds like so much fun. We just need to buy a Monochron clock kit from Adafruit Industries HERE, then, since Modder Dataman shared his code, you can go to town with that HERE.

If you make one, I hope you come back to show us pictures! I know I will. :)

Thank you!