The Game Is On | Heat Changing Arcade Coffee Mugs

Arcade gaming is not just about the square pixels on a screen or the movement of the sprites you are meant to take out, catch or race. No, arcade gaming is as much a lifestyle nowadays as being a skater, rocker or geek. I could try to explain the religion of being an arcade gamer fanatic, but that would probably take up the entire space on our server’s hard drive which would be bad for both you and us.

Space Invaders, Pong, Pac Man… you name it, there was a certain pride in having finished the hardest levels way back in the 80’s when they were as hot as Modern Warfare is today. If you hadn’t finished Pac Man, you were a nobody in the realms of the geeks. If you hadn’t save the cities from the Space Invaders, your fellow geek friends had a license right to laugh at you.

However, here is the savior of the day. The one thing that could make you a holder of the highly sought after membership into the Geek Club. It’s almost an automatic acceptance ticket and you won’t even have to gaze at that halo enhanced green screen for a second. Drop some dough on this puppy and you’re in, period!

It’s the “Heat Changing Arcade Mug“. It’s here to show us the way to break the silence of the long gone 8bit graphics we’ve sometimes forget existed in our minds. Pour some cold milk in it and have some cookies and the game has just begun. The field on which you are about to battle for your life is initiated so to speak. Pour some hot coffee in that bad boy and you’re in full motion, bombs, enemies and all. This mug comes in two different games, Pac Man and Space Invaders.

With a price tag of just $7.99 / mug you have no more excuses not to become the next hero at the office. Let the jealousy begin with a slow walk by of the people in neighboring cubicles and share that smile with them. You are now the king of the hill my friend! Enjoy it!