From Vinyl to Your iPod Easy!

For the DJ wannabes and those who still have their vinyls in tow.  Here is a very good device to transfer those cool tunes to your ipod! LP Turntable  iPod is here!

When you’re transferring your old vinyl onto your iPod you want to be able to do it as quickly as possible, hopefully without having to faff around with a PC. With the LP to iPod Turntable all you need to do is pop the iPod in the integrated dock and you’re good to go. And it looks fantastic. There’s something undeniably cool about black stereo equipment, (we touched upon this with the Profile USB Turntable) and you can’t deny that this turntable will look great next to a HiFi.

Getting your old skool classics onto your iPod has really never been easier – the turntable has everything you need to make the process as painless as possible and you can even charge your iPod while you upload your new tracks.

You can still hook the record player up to your PC or Mac and transfer your music the old fashioned way (we say old fashioned, but relatively speaking it’s still quite cutting edge) using ION’s EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software. Once the MP3s have been loaded onto your hard drive you’re free to do whatever you please with your music: burn a CD, archive them on an external hard drive or go all out crazy and make a mix tape. If you’re feeling particularly retro then you can always hook it up to your stereo amp and actually play some records.

All the sounds of the past on your iPod.  SOURCE