Ultra-Portable Vinyl USB Turntable For The Retro Traveler

How many of you awesome people still have buckets of vinyl records stowed away somewhere? For most people, their vinyl record player broke a long time ago. The time and energy it takes to fix it or find a new one seems to be too much of an endeavor to make sense. It’s a good thing there are people who still treasure their vinyl records since that makes products like this ultra-portable vinyl USB turntable commercially possible. The fact that it’s portable is yet another plus, right?

The bulky, old analog players are simply too big and too non-portable to make any kind of sense at all in today’s technology optimized society. Instead, everything we have is supposed to be ultra-small and super fast. This USB turntable is both of those things. First of all, it’s ultra-portable, which makes it small enough to take with you when you want to play some Barry White during that romantic picnic you are planning with your loved one. Secondly, it only needs to be connected via USB connection in order to get the power it needs. That makes your laptop a perfect accessory battery for it. Besides, you have to tweet, facebook and instashare your date through all kinds of social networking services, so your laptop is a must anyway.

Dubbed the Duo Deck Turntables, this remarkable piece of technology comes from ION Audio and will not only allow you to play your retro vinyl records, but also kick up some steps to your old cassettes. The price for this awesome USB turntable isn’t too shabby either. When you think about it, being able to play your old mixtapes on this thing should be enough to justify the $50.00 it costs.

It’s made available by Amazon and is sure to inject new life into that collection of retro storage mediums you have long been looking forward to reviving. There is an even a smaller version called the LP2GO that is even more ultra-portable. However, that device doesn’t allow you to play cassettes on it. You can never get too much retro in your life, especially when you have this USB turntable in your possession.

ION Audio’s Duo Deck USB Turntable

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