Full iPhone 5 Rendered In 3D From All The “Leaked” Images

Most of us are awaiting some solid news about the iPhone 5. It doesn’t matter if you are an Apple fan or not, it’s what will fuel innovation for the next couple years. A lot of the other mobile manufacturers want in on whatever Apple releases, and as a result, they “clone” their technology in various ways without getting into a patent war. There has been little news about the iPhone 5, or should we dare to say that it will be called “The Next iPhone” since it seems Tim Cook is trying to break out of the Steve Jobs mold of doing things and getting rid of the ridiculous expectations that people have on him as CEO.

People have debated that the only way Apple is going to survive without Steve Jobs over a long period of time is by releasing a product that Steve Jobs wasn’t involved in, but yet still carries the Apple trademark of excellence. Over the past year, there have been a few things that were said to have been leaked from the Apple research facility and from the manufacturers of some of the parts for the iPhone 5. It’s funny how they are always “leaked.” The traffic that Gizmodo received from revealing the iPhone 4 was substantial, and ever since then, people have been trying to replicate what they did in order to become the focal point for the massive hordes of Apple fans out there.

Maybe all of these pictures really were leaked, and what we are seeing is some proof of a new kind of Apple iPhone on the brink of being released. Or, it might be the case that they are just mockups created for the sole purpose of misleading people into believing the writers actually have something or to allow Apple to work on what they are REALLY working on. If that’s the case, that means the images are not really leaked after all. Until the day that Apple announces the iPhone 5, we just don’t know.

A talented 3D artist over at Blackpool Creative took all of those leaked images and assembled them into one single piece of Apple technology in order to demonstrate what the the new iPhone 5 might look like if all of these pieces really were leaked. The question is whether or not we’re all going to believe it, or if we should brush it off as yet another stunt to make us believe we are actually looking at the next iPhone. I guess it’s up to each person to decide what he or she thinks about it. One thing is for sure, these 3D modelers and renderers are getting better by the day. So, when should we stop believing these things all together since it will soon be too hard to separate reality from fiction? What do you think, is this the new iPhone 5?


Via: [DVICE]