Fun with Sheeps and 5,000 LED Lights

As mentioned in our other posts, we do have a slot where you can submit your findings and if we feel that it adheres to the bitrebels theme then we shall post them.  One of our avid readers Gautam Hans has sent us this fun video.

The video that @virtuosoblogger sent us deals with hundreds of sheeps and thousands of LED lights.  Was amazed at how creative the mastermind behind the project.   Took a lot of planning and a lot of herding.  One can say that it’s synchronized herding at its best.

In the beginning, when the shepherds had lazy days on the field, they entertained themselves with the ancient game called – sheep-pong :)  well, that could be a beautyful story – but this video is about extreme shephearding, using many sheep, many dogs, many shepheards, and one precise general who understands the big picture.