Servo Glasses Automate The Geeky Switch To Sunglasses

As a geek, there are always solutions that are more optimized than our regular boring ways of doing things. That is especially true when it comes to technology. I mean, in a way, the computer was initially a way to help us calculate large numbers. That in itself is an optimization created by the “geek” in the innovators. But there are far more simple optimizations that might just bring a little bit more geek into your life. The servo glasses are a great example of that.

The innovation was uploaded by YouTuber Acid Rooot and is a significantly geeky pair of servo glasses. If you have ever found yourself in direct sunlight (yeah I know, not exactly a particularly large chance of that happening) you have most likely at some point wished you had a pair of sunglasses with you, but you forgot them on the kitchen table when you left home. Bummer.

Well, if you would have had these geeky servo glasses, that problem would never have arrived in your life in the first place. These servo glasses are as simple as they come, but they will bring you both satisfaction as well as a lot of attention from curious people. With a “clicker,” you decide yourself when you want to switch from your regular glasses to your sunglasses. One simple click and the sunglasses will fold right over your regular pair of glasses. Simple, right?

I doubt these servo glasses are for sale, so you will just have to be amazed by their simplicity. Never has a pair of geeky glasses been so motorized before. Yup, they use a simple and small servo motor in order to make the switch between regular glasses and sunglasses. As you can see, these glasses are operated via cord. The ultimate solution would of course be via Bluetooth, and maybe that is the next step in the innovation process. Either way, these servo glasses will surely bring out the geek in anyone.

Servo Glasses – The Ultimate Geeky Switch