PairASight Camera Glasses Stream Realtime Video To Other People

There are more and more Google Glass competitors spawning into the market that will make it harder for Google to keep their own glasses in people’s focus. We have presented a couple here on Bit Rebels, and most recently we featured the Recon Jet glasses that have a more sporty approach and slightly different features. Now there is another pair that might switch up the competition a bit. It’s the PairASight camera glasses, which were just unveiled.

The PairASight glasses sport a different feature than the other glasses on the market. They offer a way to stream realtime video wirelessly (over the Internet) to anyone who is able to watch it. The video captured by the camera glasses streams through your phone or other internet sharing device to the PairASight servers which then offers it to other devices.

The servers offer the stream to anyone in the world, which means you can pretty much go to class in India even though you’re still in bed in your home in New York. How is that for optimization? The world is definitely getting smaller and smaller by the day. So far these camera glasses are just a project in development, but once they’re finalized, the different areas which you will be able to adapt these glasses within will be virtually unlimited.

The features don’t necessarily stop there. There are way more awesome things you can do with a pair of these glasses, and I am sure we’ll be as impressed when people start utilizing them as we are with the features they already have incorporated. No date has yet been set for when these camera glasses will be available. Hopefully the price tag won’t be even close to that of Google Glass. Many trend specialists have said that if Google is planning on ever making their glasses popular, they will most definitely have to drop the price quite a bit.

The developers of the PairASight predict the price to be around $200 – $500, depending on the features incorporated. Could these camera glasses compete with the Google glass glasses? Well, in order to do that, I think they’ll need to incorporate a few more groundbreaking features.

PairASight – Realtime Streaming 3D Camera Glasses