General Motors Invents A Power Glove To Increase Your Strength

It’s like Nintendo was way ahead of time when they brought us the Power Glove. It was a powerful (not really) tool to help us get even more immersed into our games. Well, a number of years later and someone apparently took the concept and adapted it to something real. As you might know, a lot of companies are working on exosuits and other technologies to allow us to become superhumans.

Now, General Motors is collaborating with Bioservo Technologies AB (a Swedish medical technology company) to produce a power glove, or as they call it, a RoboGlove (K-Glove). The glove will increase the wearer’s strength significantly. It is supposed to aid workers in auto manufacturing plants and also minimize injuries. The interesting piece of engineering is modeled after NASA’s power glove technology that is currently being used on the Internation Space Station.

The final glove will be a combination of Bioservo’s SEM Glove (which is battery-powered) and NASA’s RoboGlove. Combined, the technologies will make the glove into a force-multiplied gripper with a set of really advanced sensors and actuators. When finalized, the power glove could become a one-of-a-kind tool that is superior to anything else.

The advantages you will apply to yourself when wearing this glove are many. Among them, you will find that wielding tools and instruments for a long period of time will be effortless. The wearer doesn’t even have to alter his or her workflow when wearing the glove.

Workers in an auto manufacturing plant are continuously handling heavy and bulky tools and instruments. This power glove will allow them to work without having to wear themselves out. This will, in turn, ensure a higher quality product and happier workers.

I can’t but feel like the RoboGlove is a straight replica of the Nintendo Power Glove. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing! So what do you think? Will we see people walking around with power gloves in the future? Is it the start of artificial superhuman strength making us all into superheroes? Let us know in the comment section below.

 GM’s RoboGlove Is The Power Glove Reinvented

General Motors RoboGlove Power Glove

General Motors RoboGlove Power Glove

General Motors RoboGlove Power Glove

General Motors RoboGlove Power Glove