Genius Ring: Control Your Computer Interaction With Your Ring

If you have been following the development of accessory technology lately, you know that rings, necklaces, wristbands and other things like that are constantly getting more… intelligent. It seems humanity has an urge to control just about every technological invention from an accessory device. It’s a really neat concept, and I think this is what we will see more of in the future. Apple, Microsoft and all the other market leaders have already been working on this progression for several years, and the results are of course the smartphones and the continuously minimized laptops (just to name a few) that we see being marketed each year. The mindset is pretty much, “whatever we can imagine we can build.”

Recently Genius, the manufacturer of all things future, unveiled a new kind of gadget that might make the whole endeavor of controlling your computer a whole lot easier and more accessible. The ring, called the Genius Ring, is (from what I can understand) the first step in managing your work through a gadget about the size of a finger ring. It’s primary purpose is to help you manage your PowerPoint presentations.

It works as an in-air mouse pointer. You will be able to move, touch and click as well as some easier gestures in order to control the mouse cursor on your screen. It’s a great breakthrough for a gadget this size to say the least. Now all you will have to do is point and click in mid air, and you should be the next agent in Minority Report. Well, maybe not, but the technology is really a huge step forward when it comes to controlling your everyday interaction with the computer you are located at. I will be looking forward to the day when I get to see a PowerPoint presenter using this badboy. It’s going to be an intense experience I reckon. The Genius Ring is actually available right now from Genius and will set you back $69.99.

The Genius Computer Interaction Ring

The Genius Computer Interaction Ring

Via: [Chip Chick]