Get the Chance to Have Your Face on a Billboard in NYC!

I would like to visit New York City one of these days. It would be a thrill to see and experience the sights and sounds of the big apple. I’ve heard that they have big billboards that showcase so many different brands! In the Philippines, there are a lot of billboards on highways, and several of them are now are digitally capable of showcasing moving images.

I love interactive billboards. They bring so much life to an image, or in this case, a campaign for the brand Cosmopolitan. The campaign is called Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female. In this campaign, you have the chance to get your face on a billboard in New York City. When you go to the site, you will be asked to upload a photo and then answer some questions. After you have done what they have asked you to, a video of your image will be played. You need to watch the video carefully in order to see yourself amongst the other people who have uploaded and joined in on the fun. I have included some snap shots here. If you want to know how yours would turn out, try it yourself!