Get Your Geek Romance On With Remote Control Candles

Earlier today I wrote an article about a clever little candle made out of a tangerine. It was cute and creative; however, not very geeky. I want to make sure we have a candle for the geeks here too, so here is the geekiest candle I could find… it’s lit with a remote control!

What could be better for those romantic geeky evenings? I can picture it now. You’re sitting on the couch with the geek girl of your dreams. You want to make sure that everything is perfect, the music, the food, the iPad with all the right apps, the laptop complete with a fully charged battery, and of course, the perfect candles.

But who has time to find a lighter to get your candle romance on? Nah… geeks do it best, and in this case, they do it with a remote control. The interesting thing is that these candles are made from regular candle wax; however, when they are lit, the wax doesn’t burn. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to tell the difference though. They look and feel just like real candles, oh, except for the fact that they take three AAA batteries. You can order your own remote control candles at I Want One Of Those.

[via Nuclear Toast]