Working Giant iPhone Office Desk Dock For Apple Fanatics

As we all know, when it comes to the iPhone and the iPad, they have completely traded places when it comes to size. The iPhone is getting larger while the iPad is getting smaller. So is the iPad becoming the iPhone and the iPhone the iPad? For someone who hasn’t owned either of these magnificent gadgets, what Apple is currently doing can look and sound like insanity. However, there is a calculated revenue plan, and I guess we are all part of that plan. When it comes to oversized gadgets, maybe the mind-child of some German dudes will beat them all. Their idea of an iPhone dock is to make it as big as a desk, and then they plug their iPhone into it and operate it from a much larger surface. Having an office desk working as a giant iPhone must certainly have its advantages.

The video of them demoing this giant iPhone desk called Table.Connect is quite impressive, and it instantly makes you think of Microsoft’s Surface. I mean, a giant iPhone desk is as close to a Microsoft Surface desk as you can get in my opinion. At first, I was really impressed by their way of making it all come together and work (just like everyone else). However, after watching the video a few times, you start noticing small flaws and oddities which put doubt in your head.

This giant iPhone is probably not what you think it is. For the untrained eye, it can come across as a legit iPhone table, but there are plenty of things that give this video treatment away. First off, look at the sometimes unsynced touch and slide movements. The “pinch” effect is not entirely synced either, which makes the whole thing fall apart further. The third thing that unfortunately gives this video away is the second guy’s bad acting. I sure wished this giant iPhone dock table would have been real. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to become real. Or instead we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to fully release their awesome Surface desk as an office desk. That should beat this giant iPhone desk to pure pulp.

This video was actually part of a carefully planned scheme to demonstrate how to create a viral video and make it dazzle the world. And it did! So much so that the people over at Engadget, Gizmodo and a lot of other tech websites fell for their scheme. Is this how marketing works? Yes, this is actually a good presentation of just how quickly something can become a huge success if the planning is carefully undertaken. Look at it as an example of a perfectly executed marketing campaign.

Giant iPhone Table – Table Connect