Give Me a Squeeze Lamp

Not so long ago I bought myself one of those kitchen touch lamps and if I touch it for just a brief period of time it goes on and if I hold onto the frame it dims up and down. It was one of those buys that I just knew I was going to save a lot of energy on. Not so much through, the electricity it generates is less, but I use a lot of energy from myself so to speak. Having to walk over to the button every time I want to switch the lights on or off is just one of those things that should have been abandoned eons ago.

I have always enjoyed the cool and high tech gadgets that enhance the living at the home, studio or office. After all, the more time I can spend on creating, the more I can spend on giving back to the community, since I will be done three times as fast as I originally should be.

That was why this new lamp design from Diana Lin caught my eye instantly. It’s a sort of touch lamp, but with a squeeze. “D’Light Bubbles” is a new way of handling stress release and it seems to be working. Even just looking at these gives me a feeling of peace inside. What you do is squeeze the lamp, and by doing that, you turn on the LED lights inside the bubbles. The funny thing with the design is that it gives away an “oooh” sounds every time you squeeze a bubble which should really make yourself proud and full of peace.

The “D’Light Bubbles” sell for around $130 and are sure to be beneficial for everyone’s need for inside peace.