Gizmon iCA Case: Turn Your iPhone Into A Vintage Camera

Recently I have become more familiar with the camera on my iPhone, and I must say that it is addicting to snap away pictures of pretty much everything. I haven’t gotten around to becoming one of those photo sharing maniacs yet though. However, I am sure when time permits, I will have no problem sharing a few. As with everything, when it comes to photography, it seems the older the camera is, the better images you can get out of it. I am of course speaking about the more high-end cameras. The transition from analog to digital photography was a great one for sure, but the fact that the quality of digital photographs isn’t even close to that of analog photographs has kept us somewhat constantly upgrading our gear.

Flaunting a vintage camera around your neck isn’t only one way for photographers to spot the professional ones, but also a way to increase the quality on your behalf as a photographer. For those who can’t afford one; however, owning a vintage camera is somewhat of a dream. If you are just after the looks, there is a solution you might want to look into a little bit closer. It’s the Gizmon iCA iPhone case that could possibly come to your rescue.

It’s an iPhone case that will transform the look of your iPhone into the look of a real vintage camera. You can now walk around snapping pictures while everyone around you believes you have the real stuff. Don’t let them come too close though because the features of the case are a dead giveaway that you are just faking it. The case will set you back a mere $65 over at Four Corner Store. If you want the neck strap to go along with it, it will set you back another $30. It’s a reasonable price for looking a little more… vintage I should say.

The iCA Vintage iPhone Case

The iCA Vintage iPhone Case

Via: [iPhone Hacks]