Glowing Car Paint Turns Our World Into A TRON Galaxy

I keep wondering what the future might have to offer in terms of everything that humanity keeps dreaming up for the silver screen. Everything is all shiny, electronic and completely run by the software we jam into our ever expanding mega computers. By now we have seen every “ending” from Blade Runner and Terminator to the quite inspiring TRON universe, and some of the technology available in these movies is already available today. With each line of code human beings produce, we get closer to a perfect artificial intelligence. We’ll just have to wait and see if that artificial intelligence takes over our world completely, and I am sure we’d have some sort of fail safe in case that really happens.

The world is moving faster and faster, and that goes for cars as well. With new safety systems being designed daily, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see the maximum speed allowed get even higher. As a matter of fact, here in Sweden, we already have electronic signs pretty much everywhere that adjust the speeds depending on weather and traffic. It’s a neat system that allows for a more safe travel.

However, in the future, I think we could totally see a whole new system that might allow for pedestrians to take more notice when a car approaches. With an increasing number of electric cars on the road, it is important to make sure pedestrians are able to spot them now that sound isn’t the primary recognition method anymore. Maybe the new Cii-LITE Color System from GNXPERT could be the ultimate solution.

It’s actually a nanoparticle color coating that during the day isn’t even visible, but at nighttime it will make your car light up like the coolest TRON vehicle you have ever seen. It’s both environmentally friendly and cost effective. This would totally lower the number of pedestrian vs. vehicle accident rate, and maybe even make the world a little safer. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if even the pedestrian crossings and the road markings were coated with this stuff? It is guaranteed to last for over 10 years, so why not? It’s totally a cool way to tronify the world we live in. This color will light up in total darkness and doesn’t need black light or any other light at all to start glowing in the dark. Pretty sweet!