Glowing Money | Never Again Pay With The Wrong Benjamin

Do you carry around a lot of benjamins with you? Are you one of those people that just picks up the first bill that your hand locates in your pocket or in your wallet? Well, then you’re probably used to handing out the wrong bills only to find that the clerk didn’t say anything and instead he/she took the spare money and pocketed it. It’s bad luck and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it once you’ve left the store and gone on your merry way until you’ve found out what mistake you have made.

Unfortunately, the masters in command haven’t done anything to adjust or rectify this problem by making a slight change to the money. Nope, people keep making the same mistake all year around losing money, and being hugely disappointed. The problem gets even worse if you’re at a dim club or restaurant where these mistakes happen all the time.

If these “gentlemen” that control what our bills look like could get their heads out of the clouds, they could start listening to and watching the designers Jaesik Heo, Hojoon Lim & Dahaeng Lim and their brilliant way of solving this pesky problem.

Their idea is to add a core of luminous glue to your bills, just enough to give the bill a gentle and soothing glow. Each bill would get its own respective color which would show up when you’re about to pay the bill in a dim location. This is a an easy fix to a huge problem and quite frankly I am a little surprised that we haven’t seen this until now.

The glowing bills would make for a cool effect at a club as well. Slide a few bucks up there on the counter and they will match those 80’s striped glasses you probably are wearing to look cool. They would also fit right in with all the high rollers trying to front their roll of money making them easier to be seen in a crowded club, of course making the honeys flock to get some of those drinks being handed out… of course just to be nice. (Hmm…)