Go Retro With The Ultra Sleek Padintosh iPad Case

We tend to write a lot about all things Apple, and it is not particularly because we are fans of their products. It’s because the number of accessories and innovations when it comes to Apple gear is so dominating that we simply stumble over it more often than we do other gadgets and accessories. There is a whole business when it comes to accessorizing the iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple gear for that matter. It’s just everywhere. Of course, some of the stuff launched in the world is quite frankly rubbish though. We tend to write about the most eye catching and awesome pickings, and when we have a chance to go retro, we are always game.

We just can’t sit idle when we see something truly amazing zoom by, we have to wander into the old and curiously go retro. Today it is the Padintosh that caught my eye, and I had to pick up the trail and write something about it. I think we all remember the little gray bulky Macintosh when it was announced. If you remember, it was announced in the Apple keynote where Steve Jobs lifted the veil off the computer, and it started drawing “Hello” on the screen. I think we all also remember the creepy synthetic voice that greeted us.

The Padintosh was created to let us go retro once again. It’s a nifty little iPad case that will totally stand out in a sea of ordinary colored iPad covers. This case that will allow us to go retro is made available by no other than geeky ThinkGeek. It is priced at $24.99 which shouldn’t be a strain for a true geek. When I look at this badboy, there are a lot of memories that flash by. I am sure it will be like that for you too. Going retro is something geeks tend to do fairly often, and this is a great example of how we can bring the past into our today and future without having to haul a huge ass arcade game cabinet to our homes. Brilliance is when you go retro and still maintain the functionality available today. This is definitely something that does it well.

Go Retro With The iPad Padintosh Case



Via: [UFunk – French]