Going Green: iPhone 4 and iPad Covers Made From Plants

How can something made from 100% plant material look and feel just like plastic? I have no idea, but apparently it’s possible. Just last week Bioserie released their brand new line of printed iPhone 4 covers made completely from plants (including the coloring agents and packaging). It’s actually a special printing technology, called Beckers’ SDE, which makes it all possible.

As we’ve seen in the past, usually designs that are eco-friendly aren’t very stylish. These; however, are very different. Kaya Kaplancall, Bioserie CEO said, “We continue to explore new and innovative ways to update our products in an earth-conscious way with strong elements of fashion and style.

Each one of these covers is printed individually with care. In addition, the products offered on the Bioserie website are compostable. Nice! Does this mean that Apple users are becoming more environmentally conscious? I hope so. As far as I know, this is officially the greenest way to house your iPhone. At only $34.95 each, I just love them! In addition to making plant covers for the iPhone, they also make them for the iPad, iPod and iPod Touch too! The colors are vivid and in high resolution. It’s going green with a twist!

iPhone and iPad Plant Covers

iPhone and iPad Plant Cover

Via: [Chip Chick] [Nano Tech Cafe]