Gold Shield Industries CEO Jay Hart On The Importance Of A Reliable Home Security System

More and more homeowners are turning to home security systems to protect their property against the rising number of break-ins across the country. In its annual crime statistics report, the FBI estimated that there were over 7.6 million property crimes in 2017 alone. This high rate of home invasions incurred $15.3 billion in losses for the property owners during the same year.

Jay Hart, the CEO of Gold Shield Industries, believes that these alarming figures reflect the homeowners’ tendency to overlook the importance of a reliable home security system. Having served 30 years with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, he has an intimate knowledge of the pressing issue of home security.

Captain Hart shares his deep insight into this subject and why every homeowner needs a security system. “One can never underestimate,” he says, “the need to take proper measures to secure one’s property. And let’s not forget that burglaries result in traumas and emotional consequences for the victims, not just financial losses.”

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Protection Against Break-Ins

The obvious benefit of installing a reliable home security system in a home is that they protect both the family and the property from a home invasion. If the numbers in the FBI crime report are anything to go by, they paint a bleak picture of property crime in the US. At the rate of four burglaries a minute, it seems that no home is safe.

From his experience in law enforcement, Captain Jay Hart has concluded that home security systems act as a good deterrent for burglars. Studies by both the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice and the University of North Carolina back Hart’s assertions. The studies showed that about 60 percent of burglars would back away from a home fitted with a security system.

A Security System Lowers Insurance Premiums

Home insurance is a must for every owner. It acts as a backup plan in case of break-ins, fire, or natural disasters. For that reason, insurance companies set their premium rates based on the property location and the risk of devastating events. Jay Hart recommends that first-time homeowners take a closer look at their home insurance options.

When you have a home security system installed, the insurance companies’ factor that into their calculations and lowers the insurance cost of the property. In other words, a security system not only protects the home but pays for itself in the long run as it helps the homeowner save on insurance premiums.

Home Monitoring 24/7

Another advantage of having a security system fitted into a home is the around-the-clock monitoring of the property. Whether the owner is at home or thousands of miles away, they have full access to every corner of the property thanks to the security cameras and 24/7 reliable recording.

“It gives the owner peace of mind,” Captain Jay Hart states, “when they know that the moment the security system detects an intrusion, the owner gets alerted and can call the police with a click of a button.” But a home invasion is not the only thing that a surveillance system can alert the owner to.

If the owner leaves the house lights or an appliance on, they can switch them off remotely. The same thing applies to heat and cooling devices. This means that not only can homeowners have peace of mind wherever they go, they can also ensure that they save on energy costs.

Good Protection Against Fires And Odorless Gases

Home automation services are being bundled into the security system to give the homeowner full control over their property wherever they are. This active monitoring and control come in handy in cases of fire. Whether the fire was caused by an accident or the work of an arsonist, the security system is there to prevent damage to the property.

National statistics show that there’s a home fire every 90 seconds in America. But a reliable security system can detect smoke and sources of heat and give the owner early warning about a possible fire. In addition to fire detection, a security system can detect odorless gases such as carbon monoxide which often leads to death.

Carbon monoxide detectors alert the owner to the presence of high amounts of the odorless gas and help save the lives of the family by giving them an alert before they might have recognized the problem themselves.

Jay Hart, CEO of Gold Shield Industries, concludes that home security is one of the most important investments that a homeowner can make. Even if you never have a burglary or fire at your house, the peace of mind a security system can provide is worth its weight in gold.

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