Goodbye Blister Packs for Electronic Gadgets

We are at awe with the wonders of technology and yet sometimes when we are not careful can also harm our environment, but thank you to people who always think of innovative ways of making sure that in one way or another they contribute by creating cool packaging that is eco friendly.

What seams to be a standard in the electronic retails practice is the blister-pack approach to packaging. It seams that it’s the only way to protect things that, maybe, don’t need to be so protected.

It’s not food after all and they don’t need to be sealed. I know, I know, it has to do with protection and cost. Yep, plastic is cheap for the industrials, but very expensive for our environment. If these objects need to be protected against chocks, why not using this good old corrugated board in a way that it would be so nice that the consumer would want to keep it.

You got to admit that instead of cutting your fingers on a rigid and resistant plastic pack, these are much more friendly. This is Émilie’s project in my packaging class. She was proposing to kill three birds with the same stone: Protecting the environment, give a second life to a package and add a seductive effect to the product. Goodbye Blister pack!  (source)