Snarky Google Shoes Talk To You When You Wear Them [Video]

We’ve written so much about Google Glass lately that it’s fun to switch gears and write about a creation from Google that is a little less serious. This is something that would probably annoy you if you owned it. The innovators at Google are known for having a playful sense of humor, and these Google shoes are a great example of that.

Unfortunately these shoes, which come complete with their own snarky, sarcastic attitude and a British accent, won’t be available anytime soon. These Google shoes were specifically created to have fun with at SXSW. These sneakers track how active you are and quip you with insults and attitude based on your activity.

They have an Arduino board, pedometer, gyroscope pressure sensor, accelerometer and more all incorporated into the design. It talks through the shoe’s tongue, which seems appropriate, and it can tell if you are sitting, standing or moving. There is also a Bluetooth component so it can connect to an Android phone or computer. The shoe’s words come out through a small speaker.

If you’re sitting still, it might say something like, “this is super boring.” If you are moving around fast, it could say something like, “call 911 because you’re on fire!” If you are lucky, you might even get it to say, “you’re a walking zombie,” which may or may not be an insult.

You can see them in action in the video from SXSW below. These Google shoes, which are dubbed the Talking Shoe, were created by Google’s Art Copy & Code in collaboration with some other creative agencies. What a brilliant way to create a buzz at SXSW since wearable tech is such a popular trend this year. I would have loved to have been on the team that got to create these Google shoes. Imagine getting the task of building a talking pair of shoes, which will be created for nothing more than having fun. What a great assignment.

Snarky Google Shoes Talk To You When You Wear Them



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