Gesture Technology Teaches You About Nuclear Fusion

There is no longer any doubt that technology will become our most useful tool in schools when it comes to delivering knowledge and teaching us in a more up-to-date fashion. We already see a full integration of computers, and as applications and computers get even more powerful, the learning will not only become easier to understand, but the interaction will help us to learn faster. After all, what researchers and scientists only knew 50 years ago, people are learning in school these days. The bar will get higher and higher for each day that goes by. So what is the next step you might ask yourself.

According to the people over at TheProduct* there’s a more gesture related technology that will be used in schools. It’s a whole new experience to interact and learn compared to the old book approach. In their first project, they have created an interactive Nuclear Fusion exploration table that lets you play with the particles to create nuclear fusion explosions to see the effects and how it all works.

The experience is further enhanced by LED lights that match the actions of the fusion reactions both under the table, inside the tent itself as well as outside it. It’s a complete experience that focuses heavily on the knowledge delivered. To maximize the experience of interaction in the way we understand problems makes it much easier to learn. It’s like when you fold your first paper airplane. Until you know how, there is no way for you to understand how you will get a white paper flying. I sure wouldn’t mind trying this rad thing out myself.