E-Ink Curved Watch From Green View Is A Digital Marvel

While major tech developers are battling it out on the smartwatch front, there are other lesser known companies that are innovating. Maybe it’s unfair for me to say that the major players aren’t innovating anymore, but that’s kind of the reality we live in. They follow the voice of the public, while the smaller players spend their time and money pursuing new technologies. One such technology is Green View’s E-Ink Curved Watch that will redefine the timepiece as we know it.

Green View is a division of Eink Transmart Electronic (as far as I can understand), and they recently unveiled their 4th iteration of their innovative e-paper watch. It’s a beautiful piece that will certainly make you look sophisticated and in sync with the edge of technology.

E-ink paper has become quite a subject lately, and more and more people are talking about how it could come to replace any touch technology in the future. Not only is it super thin, but it’s also a whole lot easier to work with than touchscreen glass. The e-paper watch is a feat of innovation, and compared to many of the watches that are on the market right now, it’s a beast.

I remember not too long ago when we first ran a story here at Bit Rebels about e-paper, and how it could come to change technology one day. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Nowadays we are so used to seeing innovations around e-ink paper that we keep wondering when we’ll see affordable color e-paper. We already know there are some out there, but they are insanely expensive and at best only in the experimental stage.

The Green View curved watch is a direct fashion statement, and the company behind it explains the curved watch with a somewhat confusing yet intriguing statement.

The ultra-thin movement leads a new watch trend. The ergonomic curved surface perfectly fits your wrist. The black and white background can be interchanged as you like. The 180° wide viewing angle makes your time readable from every angle. The e-paper displays by reflecting light, and it is easy to read even in sunlight and comfortable to your eyes.

If you are looking to pimp out your wrist with one of these (yes, they are a direct competitor to the Pebble watch) you will have to cough up around $300.00. There’s no doubt you will be sporting one of the coolest watches on the market right now, but it’s not exactly free. You can get one over at Ali Express.

Green View’s E-Paper Curved Watch Innovation

Green View Curved Watch

Green View Curved Watch

Green View Curved Watch