Haiticopter – Haiti Brothers Build Fully Working DIY Helicopter

Ever since the dawn of time, man has been wishingly looking up into the sky hoping that we one day might be able to fly. I think it’s a natural instinct in all of us to want the things we can’t have. We are prepared to look over boundaries and bend them in our favor to get what we want. The Marx brothers never let go of their dream to master the ability of flight and in the end they succeeded. This created such a ripple effect in time that today we are looking into frontiers that 100 years ago we thought were insane and not possible. We’ve almost managed to master space and we’re pushing the envelope further every day.

For two brothers, the dream of one day being able to fly on their own was never just a dream, it was always just a matter of time to make it happen. Defying the odds of flight is one thing, but defying the odds of your every day living is another, even larger, hurdle to master. With everything that has been going on in Haiti, these brothers stayed determined and never ever gave up hope of one day reaching their goal.

And they did it! They recently announced that they have built a fully functional helicopter and it’s nothing less than genius. Sure, the form and angles are a bit odd and not what we are used to seeing when it comes to the look of a helicopter. The most amazing part of it all is that the entire build cost only 45,000 Haitian dollars. That is equivalent to $1,100 American dollars. Beat that NASA!