Here’s How You Can Simulate and Fly Like Iron Man!

How many of you started day dreaming about being able to fly just like Iron Man after you saw the first movie? How many of you got obsessed with it after the second movie? If I were to have to guess, I would say a lot of you. Maybe you’re too afraid to admit that you fancy the way Iron Man actually gets from point A to B without even having to take one single step. Sure, it wouldn’t make much for exercise, but you’ll definitely be traveling in class.

Some guys over at Purincess Labs decided to take this on (because they are the coolest kids on the block and because they can) to see if they could simulate the feeling of flying just like Iron Man. Well, even if they didn’t come close to the altitude that makes it all worth the trouble, they still managed to get that highly sought after feeling of actually flying like Iron Man.

And it is as they say… the simpler it is done, the better it will work. Judging from the schematics and the final prototype, it’s one of the simplest contraptions ever seen with a pair of big wheels and a rod in between. With a harness and the mind of an insane person, you could actually fly roll your way through the streets simulating the flight of Iron Man. If you don’t mind looking like a total embarrassment, then this is probably something for you to try out. Maybe it will become a sport in the Olympics within a few years. Who knows, the world is definitely crazy like that.