Hamster Smartphone Charger Provides Free Energy

The quest for free power has always been looked at as a holy grail for humankind. If we can harness free power, we would never have to worry about polluting our planet or about how to fuel our transportation. Scientists, doctors, researchers, innovators and even hobbyists are constantly trying to come up with a way to generate free power. So far it’s been an equation that is riddled within a cloud that we can’t seem to locate, but there are some ways people have managed to generate free power. It is usually through wind, waves and some of the more environmentally friendly alternatives, but then there is the hamster way as well. Yup, as a mater of fact, Peter Ash knows all about how to harness free power from hamsters since he created a hamster smartphone charger.

When Peter was a college student, he set out on his quest to invent a hamster smartphone charger after seeing his sister’s hamster furiously running on its hamster wheel. A short while thereafter, Peter had his first prototype ready and working. It is a brilliant solution, and one that I think plenty of hamster owners would find both useful and funny. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that your smartphone is charged with energy that your hamster is happily producing by running on the hamster wheel.

The funny part of the story is that Peter was actually contacted by someone in the U.S. who asked him if he could create an even bigger prototype for a horse that would supply a whole household with energy. As anyone would understand, the project was a little bit bigger than a hamster smartphone charger and one that was probably too big and a little too messy, as Peter describes it. Just looking at the video with the hamster starting to run on its wheel and seeing the smartphone light up as “charging” is way more entertaining than most YouTube clips. Hopefully Peter will make a Kickstarter project out of his little project. I am sure plenty of people would love to pledge in order to get their very own hamster smartphone charger.

Peter Ash’s Hamster Smartphone Charger


Via: [The Nokia Blog]