Han Solo In Carbonite Guitar Custom Build

Discovering creative new instrument builds that have just been unveiled to the world never get old. Usually instruments of today are within the interface of your computer and are controlled by a midi keyboard. But sometimes a creative and dedicated person sets out to create something that we haven’t seen before. I wrote about the R2-D2 Guitar build a couple of days ago, and even though that one was quite amazing, I think this one might push the awesomeness a couple of notches farther up on the scale. It’s the Han Solo in carbonite guitar build I am talking about, and if you are really into Star Wars, this should totally poke your interest.

This amazing Han Solo in carbonite instrument is hand crafted by Travis Stevens, who is no stranger to creating guitars inspired by Star Wars. Stevens actually created the Millennium Falcon Guitar as well, which should stand as a testament to what a great imagination he has. With custom builds like these, there will never be a shortage of Star Wars influences in modern music. When you start to think about it, there are so many things to get inspired by in the Star Wars movies, yet it is almost impossible to predict what Stevens might come up with next.

All you rock fans out there might find that you recognize the person holding his new Han Solo in carbonite guitar in one of the photos, and that’s not a deja vu moment. It is actually the co-founder of EvanescenceBen Moody. This guitar was custom built just for him, and you can bet there will be some awesome tunes coming off that little badboy build. This is a one off so I doubt you will be able to buy this puppy anywhere soon. You can always ask Stevens to build you one as well, but I wouldn’t count on it being cheap. For now, we are just left drooling over these pictures while trying to imagine its awesome sound. I would have no trouble putting this up on the wall. That’s a fact!

Han Solo In Carbonite Guitar By Travis Stevens



Via: [Neatorama]