HeadBanger: The First Sweatband Headphones Are Here

With a landslide of headphone designs at our disposal, we are always trying to find the ones that suit us the best.  Sometimes they are too uncomfortable and sometimes they just don’t punch that bass to the expected satisfaction that we’re after.  In the hunt for the very best, we seem to go through pain, irritation and extreme annoyance just to satisfy our human right to have the best sound.  So far there hasn’t been a pair of headphones that’s focused entirely on the lively lifestyle of the sports fanatics.  Usually we have to pop those ear buds into our ears and wish for the best, hoping they will stay in there during the 3 mile run that you try to keep up every day of the week.  Surely there has to be another solution to this ongoing problem.

And, it seems there is!  Designer Benjamin Lotte designed a new pair of headphones for Skullcandy that looks as badass as if they were taken straight from the ’80s.  The HeadBanger headphones aren’t exactly what they sound like, and they are not going to disappoint you in any way.  If you have a lifestyle full of motion, this pair of headphones is going to rock your world to the fullest.

Whether there will become a reality, I don’t know, but judging from the images I see no point in why they wouldn’t.  Skullcandy would totally rock these out of the park if you ask me.  And, I also think that once marketed, they would go like free candy at kid’s birthday party.  Bring back the ’80s, and let’s rock the DJ cool back to what it once was!

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