Is Heavy Technology Use Turning Us Into Zombies?

Digital technology is changing our lives. Literally. With every new Fitbit update or Apple announcement, it seems like technology is making things faster and convenient. Is this making us slaves to technology, as we walk around like The Walking Dead checking our iPhone for new Instagram posts?

Observations recorded by Compare the Market seem to suggest so. From that one colleague that seems to email you in the (pardon the pun) dead of the night, to the friend who is intent of reviewing every restaurant they go to, their infographic gives humorous insights into the warning signs and possible health effects of technology addiction.

We’ve all seen these stereotypes that Compare the Market list on this infographic. Oh, and we all hate that one guy who sticks his smart phone up at an event, waving it around so nobody can see clearly. But humour aside, is technology ruining our humanity and destroying our health? Are we becoming the undead?

Some argue technology is detrimental to our health, while others think it’s allowing us to be the healthiest we’ve ever been before. Technology sceptics have enough hard evidence behind them to support the argument that our devices are having terrible effects on our health, though – A study by the University of Gothenburg revealed that cell phone use increased sleep disorders and depressive symptoms in both men and women. The study also revealed that regular, late night computer use was associated with sleep disorders, stress and depressive symptoms among both genders.

On the other hand, there’s never been as many apps on the market designed to make our lives happier and healthier. There’s apps out there to track your sleep cycle, your fitness, your bike rides, your walking, apps to motivate you to stay healthy, calorie counters…the list is endless! There’s also new technology like pedometers, heart rate monitors, Wi-Fi-enabled scales, running watches…this list is also endless! All these advancements in technology are helping us to become conscious of our health in an age where we’re “always connected.”

In addition, technological advancements such as 3D printing are helping save lives and improve the health of millions of people around the world, highlighting the benefits of a tech-obsessed culture.

What do you think? Is technology detrimental or beneficial to our health? Should we prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Check out the infographic and leave your comments below.

The Different Effects Of Heavy Technology Use

Full Technology Zombie Infographic

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