Here Is An iPhone App That Makes Popcorn!

People can’t live without their cell phones, especially now with the smartphones that allow us to do so many things other than just send SMS and call. Internet browsing, playing games and making video calls are now possible. I guess the reason why so many people love the iPhone is because you can do all of the above and so much more. Just by accessing iTunes you can download so many applications, a lot of which are FREE.

You will be amazed at the assortment of applications that you can find. Truly the phrase, “there is an app for everything” holds true. I found one though that struck my attention. The application that lets you pop corn kernels into fresh popcorn. It shows rings like that of a hot stove. Place a bunch of corn kernels on top of the app and viola fresh popcorn in seconds. They literally pop before your very eyes. It might still be a camera illusion or trick, I really do not know. However, if it’s true, it would be a handy way for one to make a batch of popcorn for snacking when you are on the go! Cool right?! As illustrated in the video, the app works on the iPod Touch too.