Here’s how fast Solid State Drives REALLY are!

Don’t we all just want our computers to be lightning fast and without delay when launching an application or starting up an old project you have been working on? Windows in particular is really bad at loading stuff sometimes and the wait can be forever if you aren’t keeping your hard drives clean and fragmented. But even that takes time and we usually have our computers set to start these functions in the middle of the night when some people are asleep. But what about all the rest of us people? The ones that don’t sleep and who are pretty much in front of the computer 24/7 trying to make a dent in the workload?

There’s no real solution to the problem, but maybe we can’t expect to go from slow to lightning fast in an instant. Maybe we’ll have to get there in small steps. And, those steps are called “SSD” right now. Just how much faster is the SSD? Is it really necessary to change or can we just stick to our old hard drives that tackles along in their own pace?

After having a look at this clip shot by Louis from Kingston Technology comparing Solid State Drives agains the ordinary SATA drive it becomes apparent that there is a huge difference. Not really during the booting of Windows 7 but while working inside it. Pictures, documents and really anything you load is more than twice as fast as the regular SATA drive which, to me, is just heaven.

Imagine never ever having to wait forever for your stuff to load. With just a click you know you are soon to begin your work and in time you will have saved so much time that you could even go for a coffee break and even feel good about it.