Here’s The First Social Networking Robot!

Once again, the Japanese people are way ahead of us all. Just when we thought we had caught up with the technology and the stream of Internet ideas, they push the envelope to another level. This time, they incorporate one of the most groundbreaking ways to communicate into a robot. Social networking has been on the up rise ever since the birth of titan networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This time it’s a new little friend for kids called “Petimo.” It’s a small robot (not with arms and legs) that fits into your pocket and has a touch screen head. The unique way it communicates is what makes it so appealing. Even though its appearance looks much like the earlier Tamagotchi technology, it’s far from it.

Kids can store and browse information and much much more on it. If they meet someone that becomes a friend, they can simply put the two robots face to face and their information gets exchanged. It’s uploaded to the Internet and then their friends can see that they made a new friend. Also, their parents can go in and check to see if that person is suitable for their kids or not. It is, according to the developers, a great way for parents to monitor their kids and who they are hanging out with.