High Tech Chessboard For The Ultimate Gadget Geek

I take it that we have a great deal of chess players amongst our readers, correct? Through the years there have been countless chessboards presented, both online and in stores all over the world. I dare to say that chess is probably the one game that has been refined the most through time. Not the game itself, but the board and pieces you play with. How can you geekify your chess experience as a geek and best of all, how can you make it a technology endeavor?

Well, you could of course always play chess on your computer, but that is not as cool as actually playing on a real chessboard. My experience is that when you play on a real board, you get a better overview of the game. Chess is contrary to common belief, quite a stressful sport, especially for bad losers.

In our constant effort to find the most geeky stuff and present it to you awesome readers, I have found (in my opinion) the only worthy high tech chessboard every geek should have. If you are a chess fanatic who loves everything that has to do with technology, then this board is going to make your Christmas list for sure.

This Vacuum Tube chessboard created by Paul Fryer is the ultimate way to play chess. Based on the colors from Star Wars, where red is bad and blue is good, this chessboard should appeal to most. If you’re thinking about getting yourself one of these chessboards, I suggest you dig deep in your pockets. I have not been able to find an exact price, but knowing that only 7 of them were made, I think it’s safe to say that it will cost you a bit more than pocket change.

If you like chess, and have a vault of cash, you could always try and locate one of these and ask them to sell it to you. It would probably be a name-your-price deal so expect to be handing out a truck load of cash to be able to haul this badboy home. A neat chessboard reflects your personality, and this high tech chessboard definitely says TRON perfection more than any other gadget you will ever own.

Paul Fryer’s High Tech Vacuum Tube Chessboard

High Tech Vacuum Chessboard

High Tech Vacuum Chessboard

High Tech Vacuum Chessboard

Via: [Makezine]