Historic Timeline Of Mobile Productivity [Infographic]

Everyone is talking about how much the cell phone and the smartphone have increased our productivity; however, I don’t completely agree with that statement. I mean, of course it has helped us to leave our offices and do our work on the go, and I suppose that might be considered more productive. On the other hand though, there are so many apps being developed today, and most of them are designed to entertain us. I feel that we are constantly challenged to focus on what we are supposed to do instead of what we can do. I know so many people who find themselves completely emerged in Angry Birds, for example, that they pretty much loose a couple of hours a day just playing that.

So what has the mobile phone actually given us? Well, there are of course many aspects to that question, and answering all of them is pretty much going to be a whole book. Instead, I found this truly informational infographic from CompanionLink Software which pretty much outlines the entire historical timeline when it comes to what the mobile phone has given us in terms of productivity.

When I start thinking about productivity, I understand why we call it a productivity boost to have a smartphone just so you guys don’t think I am ignorant to the huge number of apps out there that actually help us in our daily work. But at the same time, what is stopping us from taking a 15 minute breather here and there to actually play or interact on the Internet, which in turn takes our focus off of work? As you see, this discussion can pretty much go on forever and ever, and I am really interested to hear what you think about it. Has the smartphone enabled you to be more productive in your work or has it slowed you down because of the many distractions it presents?

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History Of Mobile Productivity Infographic