Home Office Design Of 2001 As Imagined In 1967 [Video]

Our expectations when it comes to technology seem to know no boundaries. For every new smartphone, TV, game console, yeah pretty much everything, we expect something groundbreaking, but innovating is not something you do overnight. It’s a science weaved into technological optimization which sometimes brings forward the unexpected. You might not see it, but we have come quite a long way since home office designs were predicted back in 1967.

As a matter of fact, we have come so much farther than we could have ever dreamed. The proof of that is showcased in a video (uploaded to YouTube by Matt Novak) featuring Walter Cronkite back in 1967 demoing the plausible home office design of 2001. The prediction is quite accurate, depending on how you look at it. Our newspapers would be delivered to us via satellite from all over the world. A computer screen would enable us to check the weather and stock quotes on the fly, and we would be able to talk on the phone with a video feed of the person we’re talking to. The list goes on, and it’s quite interesting to see how we have blown all of these home office design expectations out of the water. If people would have known what we are capable of today back then, I am sure no one would have believed it.

The home office design of today is quite remarkable when you think about it. With just a few gadgets, we are now able to do all of the above but with a device that isn’t even 5% as big as the entire home office design setup they demo in the video. One can always take it one step further and try to predict where technology will be in 50 years from now. I am sure we already do that, but I believe no matter how much we try to predict it, we’ll always exceed any expectations when it comes to gadgets and how they are optimized for a simpler living. Take a look at this home office design video and marvel over the technological breakthroughs we have managed to achieve since back in 1967. It is nothing less than mind boggling.

Home Office Design In 2001 As Imagined In 1967