Honda Presents World’s First Airbag Smartphone Case

You know you have thought about it, every time that we drop our phones on the ground we wish we had a better case. With every scratch and every ding, we wish there was a way to prevent it all from ever happening. There are literally hundreds of thousands of smartphone cases out there and most boast about being the most secure. But when it comes to smartphone security Honda has probably taken the one most epic step with their airbag smartphone case.

Yup, you read it right! Honda recently presented their airbag smartphone case, and it is something out of a science fiction movie, or perhaps I should say that it looks like something that NASA might have put together. Remember the Mars rover landing where they had a bunch of airbags attached to the vessel which came down to the surface and allowed it to bounce securely? That is exactly what this airbag contraption looks like and does.

Of course, it’s all a ploy, and it is a relief to know as psfk puts it, “that even Fortune 500 companies can have a sense of humor”. We are all looking for the perfect and most secure smartphone case, and we always get disappointed it seems as there simply is no case that completely keeps our smartphones safe. Well, without the phone being completely enclosed in the case itself that is.

Honda even went as far as creating an emotional video about how impossible it is to find a suiting and secure smartphone case. Their prototype named Case N is based on Honda’s airbag technology. Honda is after all one of the leading companies when it comes to airbag technology, and this smartphone case is a funny way to inject that into people’s minds. However, I can’t stop thinking that there must be a way to miniaturize the size of their smartphone case and make it into a real one. It would certainly be quite useful to have a case that deploys its airbags when detecting a fall. It would definitely save a lot of people a lot of money.

Honda’s Innovative Airbag Smartphone Case

Honda Airbag Smartphone Case

Honda Airbag Smartphone Case

Honda Airbag Smartphone Case

Via: [psfk]